I suppose Doris isn’t the only one feeling a bit confused these days..

I’m in my own dilemna of sorts. Basically, I potentially have found a pretty cool place in the city. A friend of a friend is looking for a roommate, and I gotta say that the location is great. It’s in Lower Pacific Heights, close to Filmore, Japantown, Van Ness. If i got a commute bike. it’s not far away from the Caltrain station.

I have less than a week to decide if I want it or not.

Lately, I’ve had a feeling of wanting some change in my life. Whether that’s scenery or job or whatever, but I feel like I’m just sitting in yuppieville, spending my money, for no apparent reason or purpose these days. In some ways, it boils down to waht I want to focus on – the girl or the job.

While I do think finding someone is more important on the larger scale of things, lately, there’s nothing happening in that arena, and I feel like my life is in a holding pattern based on this. If i move to the city, then yeah, I’d probably be hanging out with a different crowd, and possibly meet more people. But the fear is that it’s just the same life in a different (and more expensive) locale.

I think at some point, I have to admit to myself that maybe the girl thing might not happen, and focus more energy on finding something that I want to do. I’m dubious that this would happen in SF. Who’s to say it would be more focused in MD? At least I would have a clean break with my job, and there would be fewer distractions.

As Frank would say, “What to do in life?”

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  1. Donald, if you would like to move back to MD, get a job in MD first. It is easier to find a “horse” when you have a “donkey” and let company pay your move. To me both are the same with four legs and provide the means to support family and educate kids. Life itself is a giving and taking. No sweats, there is no rewards.

  2. I hear you … and after all these years of pondering it, I still don’t know what to do in life. I hope you figure it out, dude.

  3. Donald, the feeling you have is pretty normal. But, I would say “girl” and “job” both. Not only that, I would also say “more …”

    Most of job is pretty boring. While boring, taking the advantage of the best parts of your current situation would make a difference. Don’t wait for something to happen. Without knocking door first, one definitely can not get in.

    May I suggest that since you are an employee of a University, do they offer you any special thing that you can learn and benefit from. If there is, just go ahead and do it. If later your situation change for some un-predicted reasons or move, you would also change and adjust accordingly. But, as George Allen (a Redskins coach) always said “the future is now”.

    On other topics, life without responsibility would leak to no where. Parties are fun in short term. But with that all the time or most of the time, life becomes aimless with no interesting tales to show or tell.

    Responsibility is the driving force for everything.

    One is responsible for him/herself and all those love ones around them. With a family to support, a mortgage to pay, kid’s education, dealing with handicap, etc, it should make one think twice before doing anything.

    This is the nut-and-bolt part of life. Though it instantly creates pressure and stresses, in the long run however, it also provide satisfaction and make life more interesting and rewarding.

    One time, your Mom and Dad had difficulty to buy a 25 cents Sunday newspaper. You can tell how proud and rewarding we became when supporting both of you going to colleges and paid several hundred thousand times more.

    Maybe, you and Doris think Mom and Dad are too obsessed and absorbed into the financial aspect of life. Life is supposed to be more interesting than that. We agree. But, look all around us, the world advances and problems solving are all based on fiscal responsibility and sound financial backing in order to be successful.

    The other day, I read an article on “USA today” talking about that “kids do not know that they need more money they think”. It was about how to support their aging parents while modifying their houses with necessities for elders.

    House equipped with special bath room, different lighting switches, enlarged doors, alarm system, ramp, elevator, special car, etc. To sum up, it certainly will reach to an astronomical figure.

    Is it fair for you and Doris to do this? Mom and Dad don’t think so. Will it happen? It may.

    BTW, it is getting pretty early in the morning and I have to be on airplanes for more than 15 hours tomorrow. I will just stop here and save for the next time.

    Finally, for you, Doris & Mom, love always.

  4. Donald, I forget you are working at Stanford. I am sure there are many girls for you to meet. Go to library to find one. Good luck.

  5. yo donald … did you give online dating a try? and i don’t mean those sites where they “guarantee love” (and you pay) … there are some that are just networking sites (that lean toward dating) … anyway, im sure you know all this – and its a bit corny – but (and its awful timing) i actually just met someone that way, who lives in my neighborhood. who knew.

    and change in general is healthy though scary but i think you need it to remind yourself not to get too comfortable or take things too seriously. its your one life, dude. DO IT!

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