In some ways this is the most glorious summer ever. I am finally back home where the weather and the roads are as familiar to me as the birthmarks on my body. I have my little family around me and we are spending lots of time running in sprinklers and “washing” the car and running down hills in parks. Eating sweet farm corn and peaches and grilling hamburgers in the driveway next to our car. Seeing the familiar thunderstorms pass through after a hot and humid day, it’s all good.

In some ways, this is the most stressful summer ever, neither of us has jobs, we’ve moved into my parent’s house, Vincent is the littlest one and perhaps a tad emotionally sensitive and vunerable at his camp and Edda has plateaued on her communication and hand skills (and the potty training, don’t even ask me about it). And we keep missing the damn bus.

We went to Silver Spring’s downtown to get wet in their fountain.



Made chocolate sundaes.


Driving back home on the Beltway past the Mormon temple.


5 thoughts on “Optimism/pessimism.”

  1. I hope things improve for your guys, but I’m glad you are happy to be home! Just thought I’d comment on the picture of Edda! It looks just like Caitlyn would in a picture…”Mom, I’d rather be over there playing in the water than standing still for a picture!” About the bus, does the driver have a cell phone that they can maybe call when they pull up? Happy summer, and enjoy the fun sprinklers!!

  2. I guess one positive thing with your “time off” during the summer is you can enjoy the kids more. I do hope that you are both able to find jobs you enjoy. I have JUST started talking with the school and her current daycare about this fall, if you come up with a solution for catching the bus…..I might need the tips! Have a GREAT day!

  3. Doris you need to talk to the school and the bus driver. The driver works for the school district and in essence you. They are not always the most patient people but that is too bad. They do have a schedule and probably other schools to get to but ususally special ed buses are specifically there for your child. Speak up. I have actually had a busdriver come to a school and because the child was about a minute late due to getting their backpack together etc. (you know how orderly and organized kids are) they missed the bus. They saw me and kept on driving! This was completely against school district. The principal contacted the dispatcher and the bus had to come back to school Eventually the driver was fired. A little compassion is required from the driver towards you and towards Edda. The prinicipal needs to know as well as the teacher that this is happening just to make sure the bus driver is not a total flake.

  4. You guys are the best. I might be exaggerating on the bus stuff, the driver is as sweet as a peach and it was just a timing issue.

    The call from the school district told me it was 8:50am, but it comes at 8:40 in real life, it just took me a while to understand that. Ha ha!

    One day, Jeremy actually saw the bus from the room he was sitting in and he “forgot” to holler out to me that the bus was outside.

    We haven’t missed it at all this week. Oh, it’s only Monday.

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