The ants are taking over the house. Jeremy is not happy.

I started teaching Edda the alphabet. I have no freaking idea if she’s getting it or not, but what the hell – other parents say their daughters can read so what do I have to lose? This was the same time I taught Vince the alphabet. (I also just got tired of buying toys for 6-month-olds.)

5 thoughts on “Ants.”

  1. Just curious if you would be surprised if she learned the alphabet or not? Do you expect her to? I don’t really have a sense of what Edda’s baseline is right now.

  2. I bet she will get it. Somtimes I think I have not tried hard enough with Brooklyn on certain things. She is probably excited for something new too! I agree with the 6 month old toys statement though!

  3. I think it is great you are working with Edda. Teaching the alphabet sure can’t hurt Edda. It’s not like your giving her crack. Poor jeremy. The ants always win.

  4. Jeremy, I will help to get rid of those ants when I be back. AT least the “BIG CAT” moved to next neighbor.

    I am sure Edda knows and keep teaching her.

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