Friend in the City!

Yea! I made a friend in the city! Laff.

Stan, a dude who did the tri with me, We went swimming in south bay with Yi-Ling. And then he drove me, and my bike home to SF, where we hung out, talked about life, and we ate at The Grubstake. I got to try a place on my list!! woo hoo! The Grubstake is a half American diner, with a Portugeuse menu also. Not bad. Good apple pie. I didn’t get to sample the Portugeuse stuff, cause it takes an extra 20 minutes to make. I found the restaurant on my favorite podcast, Check Please, Bay Area, by our friends at KQED.

I like Stan. We talked about a whoke mess of things. Girls, job, life. It almost feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. It’s great!

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