Went for a hike today.


We were suppose to find the rock that was the centerpoint for the film – The Blair Witch Project – it was filmed right on our hiking trail. I’ve never seen the movie and don’t intend to, so I wasn’t dead set on finding it which was great because we didn’t.

Went wading.


So did Ruby.


Jeremy and Vince delittered the trail. Found the normal beer bottles, Coke cans, dirty underwear, rusted BBQ grill and oddly enough, packets of morning glory seeds clearly opened and tossed aside on the trail. Why would someone plant morning glory seeds and then litter the forest floor with the seed packets? Weird.



Progress on the sweater. I’m having a tough time with my photography these days. I can’t do a closeup on this yarn cabling detail at all. It all washes out into a sea of fuzzy red. So I’m posting a regular project-on-a-sofa picture.


I wasn’t the only one doing a home-ec project.


4 thoughts on “Sunday.”

  1. Unfortunatly I have to admit that I did see the movie – you are not missing anything! It looks like EVERYONE enjoyed the time in the water, especially Ruby!

  2. Hope the sewing machine works. I got it from goodwill.

    I will tell you how to boil egg and cook oatmeal with a coffee maker.

    Cook an egg is tricky: fill up the pot with water first, then put egg in to the pot; drain the water; turn on the coffee maker; put water into the coffee maker just the way you make coffee. let hot water drip on the egg. when coffe is ready, the egg is ready too. If you do not like to make the coffee, just do not put the coffee bag into the maker.

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