At least the weather was beautiful.

This morning I did the longest run of my 5K training program – an hour of running, just about 6 miles. I am very fond of my running group. We are kind of a quiet bunch, but without them, I’d give up after the first mile and today I ran 6 miles, no problem.

This afternoon, to take advantage of the beautiful weather, we went apple picking.



There was a corn maze.


One thought on “At least the weather was beautiful.”

  1. That is so cool about your running. I wear a pedometer every day and am trying to walk from Santa Barbara to Maryland. The apple picking sounds so fun. I always think of jeremy when I buy apples at the grocery store. Pardon the pun but I am much pickier when buying apples after that wonderful vacation we had with you guys. Josh remembers Jeremy making apple cider amongst dozens of bees and getting lost in the corn maze.

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