Missing all the fun.

While I was at work today, Jeremy and the kids made sugar cookies, went to the park and considered looking for red wiggler worms for our compost bin in horse manure at the neighborhood stable.


The kids are kicking butt these days. Edda is slowly getting potty trained. We did try a year ago, but now I think she really gets it. We are aiming for timed potty breaks where every 2 hours or so we put her potty. She’s still wearing her diapers, but she’s pooping in the potty pretty reliably. She’s also slowly, slowly learning to feed herself again. She really lost all her self feeding skills, but we are on an upswing, she got a grape in her mouth the other day and as a bonus did it in front of her OT. And we swear she’s trying to say some words. Go Edda! Vince is learning to read and write new words everyday. Today he wrote “I see a dog” on the fridge whiteboard. Crazy, the kids are getting big!

5 thoughts on “Missing all the fun.”

  1. Congrats on the potty training!!! We have had more luck with pee here than with poo…but still going at it! Caitlyn gets all excited still when she hears her pee hit the toilet..does Edda?

  2. Love the potty trained. Want Jeremy for my own at dinner time. He could sure teach Mr. Stricker some things. I had dental work yesterday and Scott made me campbell’s soup. It was super salty and when I asked him if he added water he said no that it wasn’t that type of soup. Guess what? When I thre away the can it said add “one can of water” Bless his heart at least he tried.

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