Babies and working.

Today I went to visit my friend Amy and her adorable baby S. S is 11 months old and has 2 teeth and is such the cute little curious baby, she’s not walking yet, but I think she will before she turns one.

I used to hate going to see babies because they would remind me of all the things that Edda couldn’t do, but I have gotten over this feeling a while ago and I could only sit with S and marvel at what an amazing thing it is to be an infant learning to walk and use your hands. I just sat at the dining room table watching her little pincer grip over and over again picking up Cheerios and just being so pleased for her.

Jeremy is in a funk these days, a little anxious. And being jet lagged doesn’t help.


Shhh. He’s working.

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  1. That sounds like progress to me. BTW everyone that reads this blog, Jeremy’s birthday is this Friday the 7th and Doris is the following Friday, the 14th! WaHoo.

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