Back to school night.

I finally got to meet Vincent’s kindergarten teacher tonight. I like her a lot and I think it’ll be a great year. I wish I was back in kindergarten where the rules are clear, the rewards are stickers or a sweet, you see your friends everyday and lunch comes on a little compartmentalized tray.

Coat hook.


Classroom (Vince’s teacher is facing away from the camera behind the wicker basket):


I snuck a peek inside his pencil box. A lot of the markers were uncapped. Oh well.


3 thoughts on “Back to school night.”

  1. It is a very nice class room. It also brings my memory back about my elementary schools. I could not remember how many elementary schools I went. At least there were 5 of them. The one is quit special. It was located near my grandparent’s house in Choung Ming Island. There were about total of 10 students from first grade to 4th grade studied in one classroom with no electricity, no library. We had only two teachers: Mr. Wu and Ms. Yang. All home works were done at school. When teacher taught the one grade students, others were doing home works.

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