Defender of the constitution.

I’m afraid of the iPod. Everyone I’ve talked to about the long commute has told me to get an iPod and listen to podcasts. I just think of it as one more thing to charge and keep track of. I had my knitting plan, I was going to knit on the train. That was feasible on the way down – I got a seat – no problem. On the way back, it was SRO, so I couldn’t do anything. Jeremy even spent some time today downloading knitting podcasts for me. I guess I’ll have to try it tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Defender of the constitution.”

  1. I don’t suppose you get to stay on just one train the whole way? I used to have a 1 hr 45 min commute to NYC, but I always got a seat and never had to change trains, so it was great knitting time. One podcast I recommend is Lime ‘n’ Violet. They are insane, and hilarious.

  2. How about a book? I am giving up all electronic devices after my brother and sister in-law came for a visit. How is the job?

  3. Studies have shown that hearing damage can result from extended iPod listening (even at moderate volume — the length of time matters), so be careful…

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