It’s come down to this.

While I as in California a few weeks ago, Edda managed to get a huge bruise on her left temple that had all her therapists and teachers inquiring after her well being. From the evidence, we think that Edda tried to climb the bottom step of the stairs and missed and then fell backwards onto the brick fireplace. Poor thing, it’s just about faded now, three weeks afterwards.

I don’t know if becuase of that bruise or of general nervousness, the folks at Edda’s school want her to wear a helmet during gym. I did look at a number of special needs helmets, but we are settling with Vince’s old bike helmet. It’s free and it fits.


So we ride the short bus and wear a helmet. It’s quite a combination!

We are also making the house even more attractive and worthy of Architectural Digest. Duct tape, the new rage in interior design.


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