What a crazy Sunday.

When I moved back to DC, I had no idea that the city had acquired a new baseball team, nor did I know that a brand new annex to the Air and Space Museum was built next to Dulles Airport. I have no intention of ever going to see a Nats (gnats) games, but today we did go to see the Air and Space museum which is named after the major donor. Also, the Annex has fabulous parking, much like the parking lot at Target, so the distance from our car to the air conditioned hanger was about 100 steps.


The trip went really well until I proposed a trip to the gift shop where Vince insisted on buying the most complex and piece intensive box of plastic crap when I was really only willing to buy him a small tiny plastic replica of the space shuttle for 4 dollars. This resulted in a 45 minute drive full of tears and unhappiness.

Well did we drive straight home? No, of course not. We headed into that special torture for half-Chinese kids everywhere. The dreaded Sunday afternoon Chinese school. We showed up at Wootton “just to inquire”, but it turned out that classes started in 20 minutes and, what the heck, we’ll just pile on a completely unexpected Chinese immersion after a 45 minute teary eyed meltdown.


He didn’t like it much. I think he could hang on by his fingernails if he is in a good mood. God, I barely could hang on to the parent instruction part of the class today and all the homework is in Chinese, I’m going to have to fax it to someone who actually reads Chinese to help out.

This was followed by the weekly sunday night Martin dinner.


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  1. Oh my! I dread the day we have to send O to Chinese school! And at Wootton?! Gosh, that’s like special torture for Mommy as well. I guess the upshot is that hopefully I have retained enough of the written stuff to survive the class. I still remember having to write the word “snail” in Mandarin, A HUNDRED TIMES…..NOT A JOKE.

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