Dog issues.


I’ve always wanted to find a family where we would be able to exchange dog sitting services. We all hate the kennel, the last time we left town, we left Ruby in a kennel and I think she didn’t poop for 3 days.

I found out a few weeks ago that our neighbor (who also has a largish type dog) also had a tough time with the kennel that she chose, so we decided to trade sitting services. Great! This week, Magic’s parents are heading south to warmer weather, so we have a new family member for a week.

Magic is a year old and male and larger than Ruby. They kind of get along, but also kind of are still deciding who is dominant. Magic is male and bigger, but Ruby is older and not about to let a whippersnapper take her alpha dog position, especially in her house.

This “discussion” of alpha between the two led to some concrete displays of superiority which resulted in Edda walking around with poop on her feet for – oh maybe an hour?. Vince had yelled at us, “Edda’s poopy” but we didn’t think to check her feet. So all over the first floor of the house are these little poopy footprints.

I think it has all settled down, but I think Ruby is losing the battle unfortunately.

4 thoughts on “Dog issues.”

  1. Sorry it had to be at your expense but that’s the hardest I’ve laughed all day! I was hoping for a picture of little poopie footprints though.


  2. Just so people aren’t afraid to visit, let me thank Doris for her hard work removing all the little poopy footprints. She got so enthusiastic that she also cleaned up some previous (non poop) spots and the carpets look better than before the incident.

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