Weekend Update…

It’s been a pretty lazy weekend. I’ve been so tired for the past week, that I’m falling asleep at meetings or at my desk all the time. So I thought that this weekend would be a good weekend to relax and chill out.

Friday, I went and hung out with Lindsay in the east bay where we had Zachary’s Pizza. There were 4 of us, and we managed to almost get thru 2 medium deep dish pizzas, which was pretty amazing. I found it funny when Lindsay’s boyfriend, mentioned that they are putting him up at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in SF for a team building for their law firm and yet they won’t give him new keyboard for his computer.

Saturday, an bunch of us went out biking. We went up Redwood Gulch, which kicks up to an amazing 19%. I felt bad for one guy, who was on a tri bike and only had a 11-21 cassette on the rear. That’s gearing for going on flats only, and it would be hard on some standard climb of 6-8%

Saturday afternoon and Sunday was just sitting at home, watching some Robotech DVD’s that Stan (finally) let me borrow, watching old episodes of What Not To Wear and watching all the NFL games and managing my fantasy team. And the Redskins got blown out. But next week, my oh my, am I looking forward to the Indy-Pat’s game. That’s basically the Super Bowl right there.

Oh also, Doris, I was thinking of stopping by home for Turkey day on my way back from Paris. I’ll call you guys tomorrow to figure it out.

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