Things have been busy – we are all hopping down the bunny trail of life. I’ve been at work now for 7 weeks – I really like it! I’m in a training program and it’s pretty intense – lectures and exams and not much free time. I’m missing a lot of what the kids are doing these days. I leave the house at 5:45 am and don’t get back until 6:30 pm if I’m lucky. (Oh by the way, of the 15 people I work most closely with, one guy’s mom and my mom worked together over 20 years ago and they just got back in touch with each other via us – and get this – I work with cousin Carrie’s freshman roommate from Johns Hopkins and this same person went to the same elementary school as me (although 10 years apart) small world huh?)

Vince is still sick, but out the other end today. No need for details there.

We are trying to arrange childcare, Jeremy has this thing which may or may not work out starting in a few weeks – maybe. We are having some trouble, mainly for Edda and mainly because we are not aggressively working the childcare-word-of-mouth network. Vince is just signed up at before and after care at his school – he’ll love it. Edda is harder to arrange. Day care will take her, but even though she has school for most of the day, we would have to pay for full-day care because they don’t have before/after care for 3 year olds because most 3 year olds are in care all day. Also, they don’t really have space for her and I’d rather find someone to come to the house or we could go over. I’m thinking like 2 other kids and a TV would be great. I know Jeremy is bearing most of the burden for finding care as I’m at work and can’t be of much help.

You know, I want it all – to work and to be at home with the kids. I want to be there for the Halloween parade and I want to defend the US Constitution. Grrr…

Edda in my most favorite place in the whole world besides my home – Target.


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  1. Best of luck on your care search for Edda! It wasn’t easy for us, but we found a wonderful inhome childcare that was recommended by a friend whos son has Autism as well as hearing and speech imparements. It is a great placement for Caitlyn. I hope you guys find a great placement! And I know what you mean about having to pay full time for part time care.

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