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Vicki and Pauli’s wedding happened on Saturday. It was a beautiful November day in Woodside. We were at the top of the mountain on Skyline overlooking the valley. They had their wedding on the terrace and dinner on the patio and dancing afterwards.

Best part:

Pauli crying during his vows. And it was a really good vow I thought. Basically he said that he wasn’t perfect, and knew Vicki puts up with him sometimes, but glad that she loved him despite his imperfections.

It pretty much brought the house down.

My stress of the night was doing the Anniversary Dance – the one were all the married people come out to the dance floor and one by one you whittle it down the the oldest married couple? Well instead of a slow dance, Vicki and Pauli wanted to do a Conga Line. It was going reasonably well, until the conga line left the room and then when I made all the couples who were married less than 5 years to exit the line, the line totally exploded since so many people were married under 5 years. We were left with mini Conga lines that had no direction.

Ah well, what do you expect for something that went unrehearsed?

2 thoughts on “Wedding!”

  1. Donald, did you find any single girl to date at the wedding or during dancing?

    Othewise write e-mail to Jennifer. Just ro know her first.

    As I said that no one is perfect.

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