The weekend comes to and end.

I need a weekend to recover from this weekend.

We went to a Thanksgiving Day Parade in Silver Spring. One of Vince and Edda’s cousins was marching with her ballet school – she was dressed as a mouse from the Nutcracker which freaked Vince out (it is most certainly a scary mouse – not a cute fuzzy mouse).


I was not optimistic about this parade. Jeremy had to stay home to work on some interview stuff and it was up to me to round up the kids and get them out of the house for an adventure. I would have to drive straight to a crowded place I am unfamiliar with and find parking and have the kids sit still in the cold waiting for our mousy friend. Vince did not want to go. Edda was very happy to stay home watching TV. I was nervous.

But, Edda enjoyed the parade, did not have to whip out the DVD player, although we did go through 2 oranges, a banana and 57 mini-marshmallows.


Vince found out the whole point of a parade is to collect stickers and grab candy that was being thrown on the ground by every passing person. Apparently, he is a Hillary supporter.


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