2 Weekends Ago…

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Things always happen, and I end up blogging about them like a week later.

Anyways, Ted came by SF 2 weekends ago. We had a pretty good time. It’s usual for the course. Do whatever. No planning. He go it on Thursday night. I took off on Friday, and we walked from my place all the way to Sausalito – about 7-8 miles. It was a beautiful day. Of course, all the beaches were closed due to the oil spill.

Saturday morning, we went over to the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building. It’s pretty crazy there – and it’s not really all that cheap like you’d expect a farmer’s market to be. Still pretty good fruits. Later that night, we met up with Frank and JT and went off to the Boom Boom Room to listen to some funk band. That was fun. It was good to see Frank up in the city.

Sunday was just a lazy day. We made our way down to Palo Alto to hang out with Arif and some folks. One of Ted’s friends was setting him up with someone. 🙂 laff.

And Monday was off to Paris.

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