Weekend Update…

Well it’s been a pretty good couple of days in Paris I must say.

The conference was alright. I got some contacts for some of the systems that we want to put up, but quite honestly, schmoozing that much makes me tired. I know conferences are all about talking and helping each other out, but it seems to happen at such a high level… I really live in the details and the nitty gritty. I still can’t believe i paid 27 euro 3 times over for an internet connection during the meeting. Oye.

I’ve been hanging out with Nasreen a lot these past couple of days. We’ve gone to the cinema. We’ve eaten at one of the restaurants on the Eiffel Tower for her birthday. We’ve gone off shopping (for her a cream or red jacket, for me a euro scarf.) I’ve met up with Ann’s friend, Elin, who lives in Paris. She’s a very … straightforward person. 🙂 We all sat at her apartment drinking wine and vodka. 🙂 The transit strike in Paris is still going on. Sigh.

Nasreen is really coming into her own here living on her own in Paris. I feel like she’s more in command of her life. It’s really the first time that she’s been totally on her own… All the best for finding everything you want in Paris, Nasreen.

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