The return of the college roomates.

After Christmas, with everyone scattering homeward or to the jungles of Bolivia, Jeremy, Donald and the kids motored to upstate New York to spend a few days with Kiki and Kappa.

Along the way, the females of the group (Edda and Ruby) both had major post-Christmas dinner digestive issues which stunk up the whole car leaving the males wondering which one of the “I’m not telling because I can’t speak English, but I’m damn cute” females was responsible for making the car smell like a feed lot.

I, on the other hand, avoided the poopmobile and worked for a few days. I took the infamous Chinatown bus ($20 from DC-NYC) where I overheard conversations about illicit pharma transactions and coughed my way through stops in Baltimore, Philly and finally NYC.

I spent the evening with Karen, my college roommate, who broke a long tradition of eating out to cook a spaghetti dinner for me. I was very happy.

Jeremy spent the previous evening with his college roommate, Alan, and met his lovely wife and daughter.


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