Weekend update.

We have implemented this new activity – “Project Sisyphus” aka picking up after ourselves and keeping the house clean. This is not something we are good at or have a knack for, but since we have our babysitter coming to the house every single day, it would be nice not to have a pile of dirty laundry/used dish/discarded toy/uncapped marker/read magazines/pile of mail sitting in the same place for 2 weeks. Of course, once this project was implemented, we were all grouchier because I would get upset if Vince ate his sandwich in the living room or if socks were left next to doors or any one of a million things I didn’t care about before. Don’t worry, I’m sure soon enough we will return to our messy ways, but hopefully not until all the guests leave after Christmas.

Saturday – spent the day waiting for snow and ice that never came. I almost canceled out of a really nice dinner party Saturday night because of the deceptive weather men. Luckily, I didn’t listen and spent an enjoyable night without the family speaking “adult”.

But during the day, there was the park:



Sunday was the last day of the semester for Chinese school. There was a year end performance and potluck! Jeremy made yummy dumplings – with homemade dough!



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