We are sick.

Argh – we’ve been sick all week. Fever, vomit, diarrhea. It was all there. I still stumbled into work since I needed to get some stuff done. Wed and Thurs, I did my best to keep myself far away from everyone else. During a meeting, there was a 30 minute break, I just lay down my head in the next chair and went to sleep. I also slept both ways on the train – one time I even caught myself drooling. Not a pretty picture. And everyday I went to sleep as early as possible. I think I’ve been in bed at 7:30 every night hence the lack of blog entries.

We stuck a dentist appointment in there as well. We found an awesome dentist just down the road from us who is willing to take a look at Edda’s teeth and actually clean them. Our dentist in Singapore actually shooed us away (no need to pay! really! just go elsewhere!) – barely looking in Edda’s mouth. So no cavities. Just a lot of plaque because we don’t brush her teeth well enough.

4 thoughts on “We are sick.”

  1. Sounds like the flu. Shots next year maybe. Hang in there all of you. If you were here I’d make you some chicken soup.

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