For Your Information There’s an Inflammation in My Tear Gland.

Laff. My love-life has been kinda funny lately. There seems to be a revolving door of women that follows the same pattern. We both are interested in getting to know each other, ramp up a bit, go out on a date or two and then it fizzles. Last night, another one fizzled as we both decided to “just be friends”.

Generally, I’m okay with it. That’s what dating is I guess. Some missed connections. Some good times. It does take a decent amount of effort and it honestly stressed me out a bit. So maybe it’s time to take a short break from dating. Hopefully the weather will get a little better and I’ll pick up my bike again. I think she’s getting lonely.

Of course. there are more important issues in the world to consider…

Who is going to be the next president?

I am enjoying the primary season. It is a really great race, both on the Democratic side and the Republican side. Looks like Obama is going to trounce Clinton in South Carolina tonight. I wonder if the race will still be undecided by the time the primary reaches us in Maryland in mid-February. Jeremy is much more of a political junkie than I am, listening to all the debates and reading all the news articles. I guess I’m a less responsible voter in that I’m a more emotional gut feeling type of voter. The guy I was supporting is pretty much out of the race, so I’ve got to decide on my 2nd choice now…

I finally knit something as well, please ignore the ends that are unwoven. I thought I could get away with not weaving the ends in because the roll wouldn’t roll up that much, but I guess I was wrong.


Sleep baby sleep.

Edda has been sleeping well for a few months now. Sleeping well is a relative term, of course. She goes to sleep pretty easily around 8 or 8:30 pm nestled in the armpit of a parent and usually (3 or 4 nights out of the week) she won’t make a peep until 5:40 am (which is still way too early, but I take what I can get). It’s a miracle that I can, on some mornings, wake up to my alarm in my own bed and Jeremy will be there too, which usually means that neither of us had to get up in the middle of the night.

This is much, much better than 2006 when, for the bulk of the year, we were up for hours in the middle of the night with Edda being wide awake and the rest of us zonked for not getting enough sleep. We tried the chloro hydrate and the melatonin. I despaired that I was never going to sleep a full night ever again. Sleepless nights are only suppose to last for a certain period of infancy, not to drag on for years.

She still sleeps in a position much like an infant, flat on her back with her hands slightly curled by her ears.


American Girls…

Sundance has been pretty fun. There has been a rash of celebrity sightings. Personally, I’ve seen Dennis Quaid, Isabella Rosellini, and Emily Blunt. One of my friends ate sushi and sat a table away from Jessica Alba. All the guys were pretty jealous tho personally I dont think she is all that.

In terms of movies, my favorite has been the documentary, up the Yangtze. It featured the lives of these two young folks working on a three gorges tour boat that caters to foriegn tourists and a family tyt is forced to adapt to the changing landscape that the dam brings. It was extremely well done striking many themes of how china is coping with modernization. I highly recommend it. And it’ll be picked up too.

The other movie I liked was Sunshine Cleaning featuring Amy Adams. It is about these two sisters who start a business cleaning up crime scenes. Of course Amy Adams makes half the film for me but it is still a prettyfun movie

other updates. Someone snarfed my ski poles at the airport but I managed to find a really cheap pair at the slopes. I left my goggles in a friend’s car the last ski trip ski had to buy another pair. So I’m spending a bit more money than I intended to on this trip but it has been good overall. Today we saw like 3-6″ of new snow so it was a powder day.

Two more movies and it is back to SF!

“If I made you cry, please tell me why. I’ll try again if you’ll let me try.”