A little off.


Since I work a compressed schedule (most of my work days are 9 hour days), I take every other Friday off. This isn’t really my choice and I’m not sure it’s the best schedule for me, but who can look a Friday off in the face and not like it? And since our sitter works everyday, I got the day off to do my own thing.

I’ve been a little grumpy this week, I’ve attributed it to the fact that work is getting harder. Our little training bit is over, and now we are in the midst of actually working and it is hard. I love my job and I’m good at it, but it’s a focused, concerted effort for the whole day.

To my own embarrassment, my grumpiness overflowed into my interactions with perfect strangers – I was curt and abrupt to the admin at the elementary school about a form I had to fill out for Vince because I didn’t understand it and she (bless her heart) explained it to me 4 times and at the end I apologized for my poor behavior and she just smiled and said that everything was fine and to have a nice weekend. I felt extra bad because she was so nice to me.

It was also the first week that Jeremy started his job. It went so smoothly (mainly meaning that the kids were not sick and neither were the parents), I almost don’t want to type it lest I jinx myself.

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