Vaguely Familiar.

I’m sitting in P’ng and Judy’s dining room at the moment. They are sleeping in the bedroom, and KX is sleeping down the hall. Tomorrow we are headed up to Tahoe to go hang out in a cabin for the weekend.

To my left is KX’s high chair upon which lies a really cute lime green plastic frog bib. The bib actually has a scoop at the bottom of it to catch all the little bits of food don’t reach KX’s mouth. Of course, looking down at the floor, I’m not exactly sure the bib does it’s job so well. 😛 I guess they really could use a dog.

Anyhow, I somehow get the warm fuzzies sitting here in their house. It really reminds me of Doris’ house, and the (good) craziness that ensues over there. Kid’s clothes strewn about. An semi exploded living room with toys. Sippy cups.

Ah kids. Good stuff. 🙂

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