Call a lawyer!

So I like my job. But every once in a while, I have to call a lawyer and talk to her. I don’t like calling lawyers even though everyone says that the particular lawyers that I have to call are generally the kindest, most sincere type of lawyers there are (if you can believe that.)

So everytime I reach a calling-a-lawyer point in my work, I think to myself, OK Doris, you have to call a lawyer now. I stick a post-it note on it and I move on to another thing in which no lawyer-calling in necessary.

This is not an entirely good thing because my pile of need-to-call-a-lawyer post-it-note covered work was just getting bigger and bigger. So basically, I had to just do it. I spent the afternoon calling one lawyer after another, and you know what? Except for the intense blushing on the first and second calls, it went pretty OK. After I was done, I was sweating a little bit. And now I’m glad it’s over.

High five to me.

4 thoughts on “Call a lawyer!”

  1. High Five to you!

    I think, generally, a lot of people out there are ready to help if asked. They are some pretty grumpy at times. Maybe, they just like us having a bad day.

    Few would deliberatly make other’s life miserable.

  2. While there are a few attorneys out there that seem to take pleasure in being difficult to work with, I’ve found that in most cases, they are happy to hear from us. Keep at it, it does get easier with practice…

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