Paper or Plastic?

I was reading this article in the Washington Post about how plastic bags are out of vogue now… Here’s a fun quote:

“I remember life before plastic bags. There was no “paper or plastic” at the Giant in the 1970s. Just paper, which kids dutifully recycled into book covers for elementary school texts.”

I loved this line, simply cause I remember learning how to do this and how Dad would write neatly and deliberately the book’s title on the cover in black marker.

3 thoughts on “Paper or Plastic?”

  1. Dad’s neatly engineering writing was sought after by many. Of course, that was long before the computer age.

    Now, no one asked me to do or even know about it, except you 🙂

  2. I remember the life without many things, such as running water, electricity, of course the toilets, refrigerator, radio, TV, Piano, and washier/dryer.
    I love the washer and dryer the most especially the dryer.

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