Chidren Hospital at Rutgers, NJ

Yesterday noon, Jeremy, Doris, Vince & Edda were here in our apartment. After lunch with delicious food from Mom, we went to Children Hospital at Rutgers, NJ, just about 30 miles away, for Edda’s 6-month regular physical.

Her physical sizess and shape were normal with respect to her non-Rett counterparts. In short, she was okay, big and strong. Yesterday, I found out one more thing from Edda. She could grap my extended hands and lifted herself up from the floor. It was very pleased to see her improved abilities.

Last night, Vince would like to sleep with us and Mom was very glad to offer. Guess what, Mom and Vince had their own bed. I slept on a Mattress and even Ruby slept side way across with me. I had no room to extend my legs and Vince had a dream that needed some sort of assurance. So, almost no where to sleep and half awake all the time. Better wake and write this blog 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Much love.

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