Getting my crap together.

Today was one of those days in which I felt like everyone else has their crap together and happily moving down the express lane of life and I’m in the slow lane behind the jalopy with the left turn blinking for the past 2 miles. What can I say? I missed a phone call, I got some flack for some things I sold on ebay, and the two shirts I bought Jeremy from the thrift shop were too small even though the neck size clearly stated 16.5 inches. Apparently, clothing manufacturers cannot agree on the size of an inch.

Yes, I have been shopping for some clothing at thrift shops around town. It’s really a gleeful experience for me. I scored two brand new work chino/khaki pants for $6 each and also sweaters. It pleases me to no end that I’m saving money and recycling at the same time. Oh, and it’s also a means of exercising. There is a thrift shop about 1 mile from my office. So it takes me just about an hour to change, run to the thrift shop, browse for 10-15 minutes, run back, shower and change and then go back to my desk.

By far my best score was an official Redskins jersey for $2! Vince practically ripped it out of my hands when he saw it and he wore it to school today. I had to look #11 Ramsey up on Wikipedia. Apparently, he was the quarterback for the Skins from 2002-2005 and now is no longer on the team, so I guess we are a little behind the times. But hey, as long as he wasn’t the guy with the fighting dogs or whatever else players get in trouble for, I guess it’s OK.


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