Last night Vanessa invited me out to another last minute dance party. The preparty was over at Tina's and again, I didn’t know anyone there. Jane was around so we talked a bit. Funny that she’s only hung out with Ted a couple times at best. So she really doesn’t know Ted at all. Funny how connections are made in this world.

Anyhow we moved off to a lounge in the Mission and here's my wonderful low light photo of people dancing. Someone almost left the bar with my jacket. I managed to stop him, but man I would have been pissed.

2 thoughts on “Dance!”

  1. Agree, “how connections are made in this world.” Just like your Mom and Dad, we had only one short conversation (<5 seconds) for the entire 2-year time while we were classmates.

    Therefore, may be, revisiting those still single classmates of yours may make the right connection 🙂

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