Field Trip to NY City

Today, we had a field trip to New York City in GREEN – using public transportation and just by walking. It was fun but I felt a little bit unease because our car was not at our side.
Just like two country persons went into a big city. We asked almost on everything – where to get a parking space and parking ticket, where to buy train tickets, when the conductors will check our tickets, where to make connection and transit, etc. Boy, if the public transportation is the right way to go. It should make it much more clearly to the persons like us. The big problem, I see, is the last few miles to get to your destination. Sometimes, it is just too long and too dangerous to walk. Improvement is needed to be really effective.
Attached pictures were from New York City – construction in progress, steam pipe blowing and, of course, smiling Mom.

3 thoughts on “Field Trip to NY City”

  1. We went NY to see the show. It was performed by a religion group. They did not put it on Ad so, we did not know it is a very propaganda stuff. The dancers and singers are very good. Daddy did not like the propaganda so he left the show 5 minutes later. I managed to finish the show. It would be very nice one if there were no religions and political stuffs involved.

  2. Well, the show wasn’t bad according to Mom. But, in their show, I only watched for about 5 minutes before waiting outside for Mom. In those 5 minutes, they hinted in their languages about Falun Kong.

    I am not against them. But, at least they should advertize that there are their religious messages and components in their show. So, people can have a choice. A lot of foreigners (i.e., no Chinese language skills) never get this. And they think it is just a show for celebrating Chinese New Year.

    Again, I am not against any belief and, I think, they should be proud of what they believe and hide nothing. If they hide this way under the embrella of celebrating Chinese New Year, it is just too bad for them and for me. I don’t think any religious people should hide their belief.

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