Special Olympics.

Yesterday, we joined Special Olympics Young Athlete’s Program held at the Fredrick Gymnastics Club. The gym is amazing and a little stinky, a huge warehouse with every sort of professional gymnastics equipment. Edda was asleep when we showed up and then we nudged her awake and, boy, was she grumpy. But after a little while, she perked up and we did some (very much assisted) trampoline jumping and fast walking on the springy floor routine floor. I even did a few cartwheels on the sprung floor. I wonder if I’m too old to learn how to do a back hand spring.


3 thoughts on “Special Olympics.”

  1. How fun! We don’t have a gym like that around, and have to be 8 to compete…But next year we can do the Little League Challenger league for baseball! I am already so excited to play with her!

  2. Dad and Mom sponsored once for Special Olympics in Washington DC and helped to take care of 8 special kids. Boy, were they normal as much as I was? I asked their chaperone, she told me all these kids were disturbed. I didn’t know what disturbed really meant. I was sure that I was 3 times more disturbed than those kids were. After that, I never sponsored anymore.

    May be, we should start it again for some of the kids really need helping hands.

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