So I’m housesitting this month for Choon & PS.Just took them to the airport today. I can’t believe they brought a 4″ memory foam topper as baggage. It’s for PS’ sister in Singapore, but they are making a stopover in Taiwan first.

Of course, this means that I am taking care of their two cats, Toro and Winston (pictured). I have my set of rules about how to feed them. Winston has to sit first before he gets his food, and he gets a little less than toro since he’s a smaller cat. That went fine. But for Toro, not only is he supposed to sit, but he’s supposed to kiss me too before he gets any food. Sufficed to say, I have no idea how this is accomplished since I never actually saw Pei-Sun feed them. Is he supposed to kiss me before sitting? On the cheek? What really counts as a kiss? I tried twice anyways, and Toro’s going hungry tonight. He’s looking kinda miffed at the moment, glowering at me from the corner of the room…

7 thoughts on “Housesitting”

  1. Okay, first of all cats are not like dogs in that they usually don’t “sit” and then get a treat or get fed. You just feed them. However, they are like dogs in that they will lick their butts so I don’t know if I’d be too keen on getting that kiss.

  2. Heh. Hey. I don’t make the rules up. This is what Pei-Sun tells me to do. Ha.

    A cat would be awesome for Vince. Tho I do see him as more of a dog kinda guy.

  3. Donald, the kiss from Toro is just simply the mouth gets close to your fore head and touches you. I was surprised too that it is possible to train the cats to sit. But now they do!

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