So productive.

Since we know we can’t waste time on the weekends, we can become really productive. Jeremy and I cleaned all bathrooms in the house, vacuumed the downstairs, mopped the kitchen floor. Did all the laundry and ironed all the work clothes. Went grocery shopping. Did paperwork for respite care/dependent care/medical insurance. Worked on taxes. Went to a dance party. Went to gymnastics. Went to Chinese school. Went to open houses. Went to Sunday night dinner. Jeremy and I fit in one run each. Did some therapy with Edda and intensive potty training (2 poops in the potty this weekend, a record for us!).

Ruby thinks it’s spring already with the warm weather. She’s shedding her winter coat.



3 thoughts on “So productive.”

  1. Okay you guys are waaayyy to productive and organized. How did you even find time to do all the stuff you listed. I hope you did something good together and not just clean the house and do your taxes. You make me feel guilty.

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