Taking a break from cleaning the bathrooms.

Saturday mornings are my time for cleaning the bathrooms of the house. The last weekend we were at the Rett Clinic and didn’t get a change to reboot the house in terms of laundry and recharge the house in terms of cleaning and groceries so this week we were a little bit frazzled and unorganized.

On Friday, Vincent had his second appointment to fill the third and forth of the eight cavities. The dentist is great and has a space theme to the whole cavity filling procedure. Vince is the captain and he’s going into outer space which makes the whole thing less scary. That and, of course, a nice sedative and nitrous oxide doesn’t hurt either.


This week was also crazy in terms of scheduling, on Tuesday the kids were at home all day because the schools close down for election day, on Wednesday there was a 2 hour delay due to the ice, on Friday, Vince needed to stay home from school all day to recover from the sedative and our sitter B. could handle all the schedule changes without a problem and because of her, Jeremy and I were able to work through all this without a hiccup. (My mom’s huge lasagna that she made last weekend for us helped also, I ate a slice every night this week.) Whew!

One thought on “Taking a break from cleaning the bathrooms.”

  1. To have a wonderful Mom nearby is a good deal 🙂

    No wonder, Grandmom can’t give candies to the little one anymore.

    So, after Bagel Cutter (btw, made in USA besides American babies)Jeremy fingers suppose to be free of cuts 🙂 while handling Bagels.

    Hope Edda will improve while playing her upcoming high toy.

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