Women and Vday.

Being a single guy, of course I’ve got no plans on Valentine’s Day. Well actaully, did plan on sitting at home, eating all those chocolates that my parents mailed me (thanks!) and crying myself to bed. JK. 😛

Laff. anyhow about 5pm yesterday, a friend of a friend, Jane, invited me out to come hang out with all of her cute single girlfriends at Farmer Brown’s. I tried to rustle up another guy friend to come with me, but interestingly enough, all my single guys friends were busy, so I just went on my own. So it actually just ended up being me and 4 women of low alcohol tolerance hanging out. Ha. There was some guy at the bar that was trying to sell Jane some boots. I met a poet.

We all went off to eat indian, Where the waiter asked all the tipsy women whether they were okay or not. I think he wanted to swap seats with me. Laff. We gossiped about what movie stars are hot (who’s a hot guy?), restaurants, and what size medical gloves people were. I also learned that a woman is interested in a guy if her pelvis is pointed in his direction, and that all nail salons are run by vietnamese women.

All in all. As fun of a vday as you get when you’re single. Thanks for the invite Jane!

One thought on “Women and Vday.”

  1. With all these single ladies on Vday, I hope you are not broke 🙂

    It was fun for you, a single. It was also fun for us, a marriage couple. I hope it was fun for everyone on Vday 🙂

    I liked Jeremy & Doris $3.00 limits on gifts. Mom and Dad have had $0 limits for Christmas (my birthday too) and New Year for many, many years. It is working and much easier.

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