Tho it’s V-Day (Happy V-Day folks!) and I’m single, I’m not really bothered by it like some people are. Last night, I listened to the radio, and the DJ sounded so depressed that she didn’t have someone in her life. Her complaint about it was more depressing than not actually having anyone.

Anyways, I’m browsing all the press coverage and online chats about V-day. I came across this funny piece of advice:

Janis Spindel: Funny you should ask that because that is one of the things I tell people depending on their situation. Single people should totally be in a big city where there is a large ratio of well educated, attractive people looking for LOVE!

I suppose I’m doing the right thing… Laff.

One thought on “V-Day!”

  1. Happy VD to you. Scott is cooking for me tonight. I tweaked my knee skiing. He looks so cute in my apron. He said to tell Jeremy I said so.

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