Love to all.

I had taken Vince and Edda’s leftover Valentines (Superman and Dora the Explorer) and I wrote my co-worker’s names on them and handed them out this morning. I was a little embarrassed, but I think they were amused to get a school-aged valentine this morning.

Jeremy and I each agreed to spend less than 3 dollars on each other for Valentine’s Day. I got him one of those giant Hershey bars with almonds. He got me a bag of heart shaped Reece’s peanut butter cups which I inadvertently brought to work to give away not knowing they were my own gift.

3 thoughts on “Love to all.”

  1. Dad bought me a dosen of roses. We went to the place at the corner to have dinner. Nornally, we can have either soup or salad. This time, she told us to have both.

  2. Yesterday, I liked to take Mom out for Valentine’s Day dinner. I liked to take her out to a fancier restaurant but Mom preferred the family-style corner restaurant with many early birds dishes.

    We both had a main dish, soup, salads and deserts plus tips with a price tag of $26.00. The food was good. The service was excellent.

    As usual, the Valentine’s flowers were UPSed to her office a day earlier with a saving of $15.00. It also was designed to be a surprise to her 🙂

    Mom is always thrifter than I am. She is the ONE in our family.

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