The weirdest thing…

Tonight, Edda had a little “episode”. I’m doing the regular evening routine and I lay her down on her bed and turn around to get some PJs and my the time I turn back around, I know something unusual is going on with her brain. I don’t think they are exactly seizures because she remains alert to sounds and to our voices, she can drink water and she smiles when we comfort her. But her body is tense, her hands are cold and her eyes are wide, wide open and she moves her head around as if she’s looking for someone above her who is playing tricks on her.

Edda had these 5 minute long episodes almost daily when she was in the midst of her most pronounced regression over a year ago and it especially seemed to increase when we gave her some melatonin to help with sleep. But they had gradually faded away when we stopped the melatonin and actually she started sleeping better on her own. I had hoped that we had seen the last of them. I guess not, but she didn’t seem too bothered by this one…

A few days ago, Edda fell asleep on the floor which has never, ever happened before.


2 thoughts on “The weirdest thing…”

  1. I think Edda is just another Lee sleeping-wise. Therefore, I am not surprised that she slept on the floor.

    I just don’t know. But, I have a sense that she can improve a lot. To what extend, I just don’t know. But, I believe she can 🙂 Hope my believe is not just a dream.

  2. Sleeping on the floor, eh? Hmmm she looks like she had what Donald deemed the “ultimate lunch”? Keep an eye on her. Can you eat or drink foods that would affect your melatonin levels?

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