Edda’s been running a fever.

Edda has been running a fever since Friday night. It’s been a classic Edda illness, her only real symptom is a high fever- no runny nose, no coughing/sneezing. Her temp has been hovering around 39.5 to 40 C (we converted to metric while in Singapore, 40 C is 104 F). So she spikes a fever, we give her Motrin and then, an hour later, she’s happy as a pig in mud. Six hours later, the fever spikes again and she feels bad. It’s fine, the fever responds well to Motrin (which is the best thing anyone has ever invented – note to self, find patent on Motrin) but, she’s not sleeping as well and since I’ve been staying up until midnight for my own selfish reasons, we are a bit bushed.

3 thoughts on “Edda’s been running a fever.”

  1. Tell Edda to get well soon. We sent Vincent his bday gift today but we forgot to wrap it so maybe put a bow on it or something!

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