Quirks of Choon’s House..

Well after living in Choon’s place for a little while, you come to understand it a little better. Here are my top 3 peeves of the house so far…

1) There’s this shelf in the garage that I always bang my head into as I’m trying to get around the car. It’s a sharp corner too, and just the perfect height to whack you good, but not notice in in your field of vision.
2) The wireless internet connection sucks. It doesn’t work near the TV. I’m thinking a new router might solve the problem.
3) I just figured it out, but I was taking lukewarm showers for a couple days. The knob stops at a lukewarm temp, but then if you twist it a bit harder, it’ll go by that stop into a nice warm temp. Ah. I thought I was gong to take cold showers for a month. Yuck.

Cat update (for Pei-Sun) – Winston is definitely the more curious and friendly cat. Perhaps Toro was put off by no food the first night. Winston is curled up on the bed next to me. He was licking my hair. Oh also, Winston has started to attack my clothes. So um.. I can’t have that. All my clothes are in the drawer now.

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