Spring Break!

I’m on Spring Break! I have never been so excited about going on Spring Break, after six months on the job, intently working like a little cog in the beast of a machine called the federal government, I am ready for a break. The last time I had a real spring break was in 1994. I wonder what I did on that spring break? I vaguely remember a road trip with a few friends, but since blogging didn’t exist then, I guess I’ll pretty much have to make up what I did. It has been more than a full decade since I’ve graduated from college and after that, I have let the whole ritual of spring break lapse.

No longer! Now the kids are in school and there is a mandatory week of rest and we must all travel somewhere and so we are headed off. Not right this minute, of course, but in a few days – after I squeeze in some doctor appointments, some last minute laundry/cleaning/and packing. And then we are off! Into the wild blue yonder… I hear the place we are going has no cell phone coverage and flaky dial-up internet! Egads, we are going to have to make do with a land line and you’ve got to really, really, really want to see that video on youtube to stand the 13 hours it will take to download some video of Britney showing her hoo-ha while getting out of the car.

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