Strep throat.

Yesterday, we told B, our sitter, to sleep in and feel better and Jeremy was going to send the kids off to school. He got both kids on the bus and then he called to let me know that he was headed off to work when he got another call from Edda’s school to come pick her up because she was ill.

Turns out she has strep throat. Apparently her tonsils were as big as cherries. The doctor was amazed that she wasn’t protesting more about how sore her throat was. She’s still been eating like a champ, including acidic foods like oranges, just a little hoarseness when going to sleep. I guess someone has a high pain threshold.

Jeremy, since he’s been at a conference all week, hadn’t been at the office Monday-Wednesday and yesterday, he had work from home – three teleconferences/meetings while fielding other calls and emails to catch up at work and he took Edda to the doctor. Thank goodness B came to help out in the afternoon.

So today I’m home with the kids. We thought Vince was getting sick too, but I think it’s more a sympathy illness, he’s fine, it’s just that he wanted to be sick too, so he’s home as well.

And we are slowly canceling our weekend plans.


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