Ah. City Life

Well, it’s been an interesting weekend.

Friday was dinner with Choon and Xin and Shwe. Fine. I stayed over at Choon’s that night for the last time in my “housesitting” adventure.

Saturday, I managed to go out on a ride by myself. It was wonderful really. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had some time to go at my own pace, at my own speed. It’s good to clear out the head. On my way out I had to stop by the bike shop to buy a couple supplies. I found an old coworker was back working there on the weekends, so I was pleasantly surprised. Chatted her up a bit. When I went to the counter to buy something, the guy in line ahead of me wanted to buy something with a gift certificate, and apparently the cashier was a new guy. So I was telling him how to redeem it in the computer system. I think the new employee was pretty confused… 🙂

I managed to get home, pack all my stuff from Choon’s house. Haul it up to SF. I got a great parking spot. unloaded all my stuff. Went out to dinner with Brian, who is back from Singapore. We hung out for a bit, and then Hilda texted me. Apparently she was going out for her birthday at some lounge in North Beach. Of course she didn’t tell me it was her birthday until I got there. But it was fun. She got a good bit drunk. I met my ex’s current bf. He seemed cool. Also Hilda’s friend got pretty smashed and was half flashing people on the way into a restaurant after the club had closed. I also am proud to say that my tolerance is improving by leaps and bounds. I had a drink and 2 shots, and was pretty much fine for the night. Yes. I have a hard life.

of course, I came back, parked my car, and slept in tonight, but when I woke, i decided I would drive somewhere, got in my car, and noticed all this glass all over the passenger seat. Fun. So. Had to take care of that. Nothing was stolen, cause there was nothing in the car. I honestly don’t even think that they opened the door even. Ah well. just some dope wrecking things. I’lll fix it tomorrow.

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