Jeremy’s niece, S., turned 4 a few weeks ago and Vince and Edda got invited to her gymnastics themed birthday party. At Vince’s age, I remember being enrolled in gymnastics and trying over and over again to do a back hand spring. I’m still hoping that someday I’ll be able to do it – I can still do a mean cartwheel and each time we get invited somewhere with a sprung floor, I go ahead and try a cartwheel or two just to make sure I’ve still got it in me.

Vince had a fabulous time, but Edda didn’t like it so much. Sometimes I wish she could enjoy these regular kid things a little more, because even though everyone is very sweet and accommodating and everyone wants her to have a good time, Edda just doesn’t like it very much and wants to sit in a quiet corner and watch Dora on the iPod.


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  1. I’m with Edda. The kid parties are too loud. Before my mom dies she gave me various pieces of advice. One was “if you ever have children never volunteer for the indoor field trips”.

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