I’m overwhelmed today. Jeremy is going to be at an overnight work retreat (who knew that work ever had retreats, I wonder if they are going to making s’mores, grrrr) for the next few days, our childcare is uncertain as our nanny is going to orientation for her new job on Monday and Tuesday and perhaps be out of our employ starting Wednesday, Vince is still not well, Edda’s school called last week about white spots on her tongue which they suspect is thrush and is highly contagious which seem to me to be how her tongue has always been, I’m moving offices and getting a new boss next week and trying to make a good impression and this buying-a-house thing makes me unhappy and on edge because I just see – instead of a lovely home with dinners, family and fun, I just see a big mortgage bill and property tax bills. We’ll be fine, I know, all of it isn’t a big deal one piece at a time, but it’s a lot at once and I’m frayed.

Here’s a tree in our neighborhood that got hit by lightning last week. I don’t think the tree is hurt too badly, just strips of bark have been blown off the tree.

(edit: I just googled trees and lightning and found out that this tree is most likely going to die because it won’t be able to protect itself from disease or from the winter weather. Sigh.)


2 thoughts on “Frazzled.”

  1. First the tree. I believe there are new products out there that get painted on trees that have suffered damage such as this. So, maybe that will be investigated..

    You have every right to be frazzeled. Every right. It is alot going one right now. Take the biggest problem first and just with baby steps work your way down to the smallest one. Know that you have a big fan base out in the cosmos rooting for you. You are not alone in all thisfrazzeledness.

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