Star diner.

My parents took the day off today to look after the kids as I needed to be in at work today and Jeremy is off in the woods singing camp songs. This Monday, (well every other Monday) is known in the office as “count Monday” where your work for the past two weeks gets tallied and churned through the electronic bureaucracy and if your not there to keep an eye on the process, well some things that you worked so hard on might not get counted and there you go with less credit than you deserve/thought you had.

Since my parents were in town for the weekend, we tried out a new diner on Sunday morning and in order to beat the lines, we showed up at 7:30am. (We were not the first ones there). Here we are at Star Diner where we played a few songs on the jukebox and ordered chocolate chip pancakes.


2 thoughts on “Star diner.”

  1. Your parents sure nice folks. You and Donald ar really lucky.


    P.S. Did you know there is a patent on the little white piece of self adhesive paper that wraps around your napkin and silverware at a restaurant? Josh pointed that out to me.

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