Looking for a match.

So our wonderful nanny is leaving us. During spring break, while we were away, she took her nursing exam and passed and already has hospitals clamoring for her talents. We are very excited for her, but we are sad to see her go as she helped us through the some critical work transitions which were nerve-wracking for us.

Now that we have settled down a bit and our jobs are more steady and flexible in a predicable manner, we thought that we might match with an au pair. I spoke with the placement manager from the au pair agency we are working with and I gave her this blog address to give to folks who might be willing to live with us and look after Vince and Edda, so if you are here reading for the first time and are considering being our au pair, well, welcome to Just Regular Folks!


One thought on “Looking for a match.”

  1. Best of luck with your search! We are going to go the in home nanny/sitter route if my potentially new job will pay enough. I hope you guys find just the right person.

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