Traveling light.

Jeremy travels heavy and I travel light. Years ago, when we first met and I was living in San Jose and he was living in Pasadena, we used to take the 1 hour Southwest flight to see each other for the weekend. He would actually pack a suitcase. I would pack an extra pair of underwear.

This has continued on throughout our marriage, I have been accused to swiping sweatshirts, PJs and shampoo when I have run out of the things I have packed. Since the children, Jeremy has taken over the family packing and carefully considers the required items for each trip.

Because the spring break trip required me to travel alone with the kids and Jeremy had flown first – I was in charge of the packing and thus I did the exact opposite of what I normally do and I packed all the clothing I could find. Jeremy just about had a cow when he saw the 2 monstrous packs that I had stuffed full.

On another note, my parents, with the best of intentions and trying to help me with luggage and the kids and wanting to delay saying goodbye, made it almost all the way through to the X-ray machines going through two or three ID/security checkpoints.


2 thoughts on “Traveling light.”

  1. I hate packing. Could Jeremy come do my packing. Don’t even get me started on the unpacking and the laundry afterwards!

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