My compost pile.

Jeremy has been wanting to turn the compost pile ever since the weather warmed up. Saturday night, I was dumping yet another pile of kitchen scrap into the compost when I tapped the side of the plastic contraption too hard and it sprung open. I guess it was a sign that I needed to turn the compost right at that moment. We are not very diligent composters, we don’t turn it often enough and because of that, it is a little smelly. Therefore, I smelled.

My compost = vegetable scraps and shredded junk mail.




2 thoughts on “My compost pile.”

  1. That pile really had very bad smell. No wonder, Mom closed windows above in the kitchen during that time.

    The decompositing germs should multiply and eat fast enough to keep up with the garbage being put in.

    In addition to Mom’s recent comments on the third entrance, much love always.

  2. WA! There are lots of untouched tomatoes on vine in the recycle trash. Hope it will grow some fresh tomatoes this fall. Waste food is an environmental unfriendly habit. We experienced the feeling of hungry in our generation when we were very young. Many people in old generation know about it. Even right now, there are many hungry kids on the earth.

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